An online Diary for the beginning of another chapter in my life..having a child of our own.. with the hope that when we all look back at this, we will remember all the memories..both happy and sad ones for this are the things that makes our lives colourful....

29 November 2011

Our baby girl! (Part 1)

Wow..was it really just 2 wks ago that we were wondering when to buy airticket for my hubby to come back for the delivery? First and foremost, our baby girl greets the world on  14 Nov 2011 @ 1.04am. And it has been a long journey before (for me anyway) and after.

I was actually admitted on Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) on Saturday, 12 Nov (AM). We were told to go straight to labor ward for admission. Since SGH has renovated since the last time we were there many yrs ago, it took us a longgggg time to get to it and that is also after mom asked one of the doctors where the labor ward is. And the doctors being busy people, forgot that the huge pregnant lady cannot walk at their phase! Only realised when they near the lobby with the lift and how come we not behind them. AND only then they ask are you in labor, can you walk. LOL!!!

Anyway, the labor ward is on the 3rd floor of the main building at around 8.30am. When we finally got there, and the nurse guide me into the main ward alone (note: only the pregnant lady can go in.Family members all  need to wait in the waiting area), was abit upset because the doctor in training keep saying how come they ask u to come for induce today. Geez..the doctor told me to, so I came la on a Saturday. After more than 1 hour, someone finally took details and medical history. Lots of questions that was asked before and is already in my clinic card but I just repeat everything again because not interested in the trainee doctors to make any mistakes! (At this point, am wondering if i made a mistake of not going to private hospital but abit too late for that since mom registered me for admission).

Then at 9.30am, their MO specialist finally arrive to review the cases. After discussion, they decided that
I am in the high risk category and should proceed to induce me right away instead of waiting for Monday. So, off I go into one of the examination room where the doctor in training proceeded to explain what they will do and the risk it may involve.

(This is where the faint hearted and underage need to skip reading now). 

Basically, they will put a medicine commonly used called Prostin to try and encourage the cervix to open and contraction to start. The success rate is approximately 70% and the risk is minimal. However, they will still do monitoring of both the mother and baby heartbeat to make sure that the contraction/medicine is not causing distress. One of the risk includes over contraction that cause bleeding to the uterus or placenta but the risk is actually less than 1%.

So, after explaining the risk, he proceeded to insert the pill deep inside the cervix and he keep apologizing everytime I accidentally let out a whim. (Cant help it la ok....sigh...the things we mother/wife do) Was told not to move and need to lie down for 1 hr to prevent the medicine for falling out. I thought they are gonna leave me on he examination room but the trainee doctor proceeded to take a wheelchair and help me into it and pushed me to the nurses counter.

They pushed me to 4th floor which is called the maternity ward. One section is basically 6 person max. Initially, they were gonna push me to one of the 3 bedded aircon room but since the bed was not ready, they put me on the nearest available bed right in front of the nurses station. At first I not very happy about this because there is no airconditioning but later, I am glad that I am there. (explain later).

So, stay in bed for 1 hour! That is really a hard thing for a super pregnant person to do because the moment someone mention toilet, then the urge is there! haha! Anyway, after 1 hour, the nurse very kindly came and say, ok, do u need the toilet? I think the look of relief I gave her must be very comical because she smiled and let me know where the toilet is and ask me to change into a sea of pink balloon shirt and sarong.

Once I am back in bed, the nurses (with the training nurses) proceeded to strap my to check the baby heartbeat and movement. Another start to check my blood pressure and yet another my temperature. Talk about efficient! Standard question that I hear over the next 2 days, any pain/contraction? Do you feel dizzy/ headache? How are you feeling? Please do tell us immediately if you feel dizzy or headache or blur vision ok. Not too bad experience.

To cut the story short, the medicine was inserted at 9.40am and my contraction only started a 2pm and not very strong ones. After examination by the house doc, not even dilated yet! Basically, he will check every 4 hours but no dilation and at 10pm, he did a cervix sweep to try and stimulate dilation. (Warning, this really hurts!). At 2am, I was finally 2cm dilated (Hooray?!?! Another 8cm to go.....).  But guess what, the pain has gone away! No more contraction...

In my heart, I know the medicine has failed and will need another dose tomorrow once the MO came in the morning for his rounds. In my heart too, I was wondering if this will end with ceaseran...anyway, the 2nd day will be for part 2. Time to feed my lil beautiful daughter...

09 November 2011

Week 38 - The day has come

Cant believe that it has been and only been here a few days. Everyday has been a busy day, catching up with parents and friends. Most time was spend at either policlinic or private clinic. Also, was helping parents run a few errands such as bank in, collect supplies and buy stuff.

Of course, spent lots of time eating things that I will not be able to eat after delivery and not available in KL as well. Bought some baby stuff as well, clothes, diapers, pampers, etc. Mom want to get her granddaughter a baby cot. I told her only a few months, no need but she insist....So, lets see.

Today went to the Obygn specialist at GH after being refered there by Kota Sentosa policlinic MO for high blood. Actually, this was based on the recommendation by Dr Phillip Kho from KPJ to induce instead of waiting till full term, looking at my highblood history. So far, my blood pressure has been up and down. I guess thats why they decided to go ahead and induce.

I went to Dr Phillip last Friday after I called in the morning to ask if I should as I was having cramps the night before and in the morning. Also, my legs swollen pretty big. And to be on the safe side, the nurse recommended coming in for check up. Well, turn out to be false alarm. No contraction or anything. But that was when the Dr Phillip recommended that I should consider induce by middle of Nov when I am approximately 38 weeks.

I told him frankly then that I have not decided that to do it there or at GH. Was abit worried that he might decided to hands-off because of this. But turn out he was very understanding and even gave me a few suggestions. To him, the new facilities in GH is as good as KPJ and the expertise as well. He used to worked in GH previously. He recommended that during my next appointment at the policlinic, ask them about being induce for early delivery due to high blood. Coached me how to say it actually :P

He also gave me lots of milk formula samples but did warned me not to bring it to GH as they encourage breastfeeding and the nurses will definitely scold if they see the formula! HAHA...I think he reminded me many times on this. So, lets see how since GH is practising room in, meaning the baby will be with me all the time.

So, on Tuesday at my policlinic appointment, that was exactly what I told the nurse and since my blood pressure is still elevated, she refered me to the medical officer on duty there. I repeated the same questions and the doctor surprisingly told me yes, it is better but ultimately, this will be my decision to make. As both private and GH doctor is recommending to induce early, then that is what I am going for.

So this morning woke up super early and left the house by 7am for 8am appointment. Register myself at the registration counter (which took only 15 minutes) and proceed to the Gynea specialist clinics. Took urine samples, weight and blood pressure. Then it was more waiting. Looking at the crowd and the fact that I was not the first one in there, I am expecting a long stuffy wait. Instead, to my surprise, I was the first one being called to go in.

Immediately, the doctor got me on the examination table for an ultrascan because the prelim examination at the policlinic the day before indicated the baby is smaller than 38 weeks. Luckily the ultrascan tells otherwise and the baby is doing just fine. Then, without telling me what she wanted to do, the proceed to give me an uterus sweep! Only told me AFTER she done it. SHEESH! Anyway, what is done is done. So, there is a possibility that I will start labor withing 24 hours as well because of this.

Hence, now hubby and I are in dillemma how to book his ticket back. Do we just go ahead and book for Saturday ticket (since he need to work half day that day) or wait till tomorrow just in case I start contraction tonight. Anyway, finally decided to wait and see. If nothing happen tomorrow, then we will buy the ticket for Saturday.

Sigh...I really wish my hubby is here already though......sigh..

27 October 2011

Back in Kuching

Been back in Kch since Friday midnite, well, more like Saturday early morning. Spent 2 days with hubby at his sister's place with his nephews. Had good time. Actually just want to spend more time with hubby since we might not see each other again until the lil gal is ready to come out. Still trying to look for cheaper fair too so that hubby can come for a weekend visit in a week or two time. Of course this mean that poor Ginger will have to stay at the kernel again. Really hope that she likes the place better than the previous one.

Anyway, what baby and I done since hubby went back to KL? Monday, went to the policlinic at Kota Sentosa to try and get my blood test result that I did previously. Arrived there around 8.30am and my number is 169. Guess what number they were calling at that time?30+!!!!! So, I decided instead of waiting, went for my breakfast at seven mile Jollibee since baby is kicking and squirming for food.

Whenever hubby and I go there, we will have laksa and so that is what I had. Turn out that is not the laksa seller that we usually have. According to hubby, the usual one only opens in the evening. Sigh....

Next I went down to Kuching Specialist (KPJ) for my usual check up. When I arrived, the place was jammed packed with people and so damn stuffy and hot. Registered myself and went to see Dr Philip Kho but thye nurse informed me that there is around 10 people in front of me and most probably mean at least 1.5hours wait. (GAWD!) Anyway, seeing my distressed face, the nurse offer me to make an appointment for Tuesday afternoon at 2pm, less people at the time.

So, made my appointment and went home. Without much done for the day except help dad and bro to bring some supplies back to the house, went home defeated and ready to cook dinner.

Tuesday, dad truck broked down while they just about to leave for their outstation destination. So, I drove the Innova to pick them up (Dad, Mom and sis). We went for short errand while the truck is being repaired. Then around 10am, they left for wherever they going and I went to town to finish one more errand for dad.

Arrived at KPJ around 1.45pm and the clinic is still not open. The waiting area is semi full but damn hot and stuffy. Outside is raining and inside is like a steam room. Are they saving electricity by leaving the air con at 23 degrees???? Feels worse than GH okay!

Anyway, the nurse finally came at 2pm to open the door to the clinic. 5 minute later the doc open the door and call me in. Asked the prelim questions that all doctors ask when its your first visit to them and more since this is for obgyn. Doc abit abrupt especially when he was talking on the phone to someone (most probably some family member?) but his bedside manner is not too bad.

He got me on the examination bed to scan the baby. Doc confirmed baby is gal (again! hahaha) and she about 35week+ few days now. So, good progress. Everything is consistent and good. Baby moved alot but he still managed to catch baby's side face profile which I of course immediate took a photo of and sent to her daddy! :)

But I did get scolded though for not continuing my high blood medication because my blood pressure was 128/94. So, doc increase the dosage by 50mg and said that if in 2 weeks the blood pressure still stays this high, might want to discuss/ consider induce for both baby and my sake. Not sure if doc is trying to scare me to make sure that I take my medication but I been taking it very dilligently. Not skipping any dosage at all so far. I want to make sure the baby only comes when she is ready to come.

Anyway, was told to count number of times baby kick per day as well. Minimum 10 times starting 8am till night before I sleep. If by noon, baby has kicked more than 10 times, then I can stop counting for the day and start again tomorrow. If less than 10 per day, must go back to see him immediately the very next day. So far, baby is kicking and squirming up a storm. And I can see my tummy moved more obviously and often too.

Just really wish hubby is with me to witness this....

09 October 2011

Week 32 - Last Doc Visit

On the last 2 weeks in KL now. Will be flying back with hubby next Friday. And then it is really a waiting game. But lots to do though when back to at hometown. Need to go policlinic and get my previous test results. Mom said the nurse from there been to our house twice already trying to find me. Seems that government clinics does this when the mother dont come back for their appointments. Guess they just want to make sure the mom and baby is okay.

Also want to go check out the government hospital policies in regards to delivery and maternity ward. Heard from SK that they allow the husband to be with the wife during delivery but the husband cant cut the cord. But that is okay. As long as hubby can be with me there to give me moral support and keep the interns away, I am happy. Definitely am not interested to have inexperience interns poking me here and there without knowing EXACTLY what he/she doing.

Also need to find out what is their policies for me going to private gynea till delivery. Really am not keen or looking forward to sit for hours at the policlinic waiting for my turn. Not to mention the rude doctor. My first and only experience there that time was so unpleasant that I almost made up my mind to delivery in the private hospital. The bloody doctor that sees me makes me feel as if I am stupid and am not even there! GEEz..I can only say this to the doctor: You chose to come to our 'backward' clinic and gain experience. Dont act as if you are forced to do it. At least have some respect for your patient and tell them whats going on. Where is your bedside manners??

Next would be to look for the gynea, most probably going to check out KPJ's Dr Phillip. Heard he is not bad and in case I finally decided to deliver in private hospital, at least I am ready.

Then, there would be baby clothes, toiletries for both baby and I, diapers and those stuff. Also need to run some errands at EPF, banks and so on. So, hopefully, with all the running around, it will give me the needed exercise that I keep hearing about to help with the labour...

Am just going to be glad to stop working for awhile and just relax till its time. And then I guess it will be huricane typhoon turning things upside down again.  But I am definitely looking forward to getting rid of this forever heaty hot forever sweating feeling, backache, heavy stomach, etc.

Okie..enuf moaning! Kuching, here I come in 14 days!

25 September 2011


Phew! Week 31 and already I cant wait till the due date for a number of reasons. For one thing, I am looking forward to starting my leave and go back to Kuching on 21 Oct. Although, I do wish that my hubby can also moved there for 3 months with me! But alas, he is only going to fly back with me on 21 Oct, Friday and back to KL again on 23 Oct, Sunday. Then he will be spending lonely few weeks with his four-legged fur kid, waiting for the call to tell him to hop on the next plane immediately.

For another, I am starting to feel extremely heavy and tired especially with my legs and arms that is starting to swell. My left fingers is tingling most times but worse a I try to do something like typing. My right wrist started to feel pain like sprain since last week. Told the doctor about this during our check up appointment and he said it is pretty normal and asked me to make sure I take my calcium. He wanted to give me painkiller as well but I decline and decided to bear with the pain.

On top of that, I am constantly exhausted now especially when I do some additional activities that never bothered me before I was pregnant. For example, today we went to 1U, hubby parked at the old wing and we walked at a slightly fast phase to get to the new wing, which I think perhaps is approximately a 1km walk. By the time we are there, my heart was racing, I am feeling faint and super tired. And oh, not forgetting, sweating like crazy. Had to find a place to sit down and rest for a while before we can actually start shopping. Even then, hubby had to walk slowly at my phase! HAHA!

Oh yar, did I mentioned that the doctor said the baby weigh roughly 1.4kg only so far and I have now gained a total of 14kg! I know, I know, it is the amionic water, the 50% extra blood and water retention and lots of mothers are telling me that they gained up to 20-30kg at the end of their pregnancy. But but but but but....I feel soooooooo heavy! Sigh!

On a positive note, I think we found the baby nursery that we can put the baby. It is very near to where we are staying and will be staying when we moved. The people looks professional and the place is clean. They also know how to handle expressed breast milk. So, all the plus. But I feel it is abit pricey! RM750 per month, RM100 for registration and upon registration, they will give you a cot bedsheet and towel for the baby to use when the baby is there at the nursery. They will launder this once a week but if we want the towel to be launder everyday, then we just supply them an additional towel.

Nursery is from Monday to Friday, from 7.30am till 6.30pm and closed on public holidays. If we are going to be late, then they will charge us RM10 per hour. However, if we know we will definitely be late constantly, ie around 730pm, then we just pay additional RM100. There is no school holidays but they might close longer during festives such as Raya and CNY. If we have urgent need to put the baby there for weekend and so on (daycare only), then this can be pre-arranged and they will ask for a fee of course.

Once the baby start to take solid food, then they will charge RM240 which is paid once every 6 months. So, that divides into RM40 per month which is not bad. Also, the caregiver will try to follow our schedule as much as possible so that it is easier for the parents. For example, if the baby last feed was at 7am and feeding is roughly every 3 hours, then they will follow the next feeding at 10am, 1pm, etc. This includes nap time.

They will also try to bath the baby twice a day, ie once at around 930am and 330pm. But if the baby is still sleeping, then they will adjust accordingly. There is also activities for the baby, tummy time to strengthen the back and neck, reading time where the baby is given cloth-book and so on. They also record feeding, nap, bath, poo, wee and so on. Pretty good I guess. So, next few days I am going to call the nursery up and place the deposit to send the baby there in Feb2012 after CNY.

Anyway, I am glad that is done...was worried that we cant find someone to take care of the lil one...Then my hubby would have to be a stay at home dad :P

17 September 2011

Week 30 - Cloth or Disposable Diapers

I know that there is the great debate on whether to use cloth diapers or disposable ones. I still have not made up my mind yet. At the moment, I am thinking of using both, i.e. daytime use cloth diapers and night, disposable. Mom was also saying it is better for baby to use the cloth one to prevent nappy rash. But now, with all the improvements on the disposable diapers, there are those that has barrier cream to prevent nappy rash.

Also, am definitely gonna be ready with at least a tube of diaper rash cream and all the other baby necessity. Guess going to buy those when I am back in Kuching next month. Bought our tickets already. Going back to Kuching via MAS on the 10.15PM flight. Hubby will be escorting me home and fly back to KL on Sunday. Poor him, must be super tiring! But he just feel more comfortable knowing he sent me and baby back to Kuching safe and sound I guess.

We also bought his Xmas ticket and CNY ticket. Bought hubby, baby and my ticket back from Kuching as well on the 2nd day of CNY. No choice as hubby will not be able to take leave for CNY since his boss is Chinese and will be taking leave to go back to his hometown in Malacca. And I dont have confident to fly alone with a fairly new baby. So, he comes for CNY holiday on Saturday afternoon flight and we will fly back together on Tuesday. Guess must be grateful. At least get to have reunion dinner with my parents and first day and part of 2nd day of CNY with them. Baby will be collecting alot of ang pau??? HAHA!

For Xmas, hubby will be back in Kuching for more than a week. Flying back to Kuching the Friday before Xmas and back to KL again on 2 Jan after new year. At least he get to spend more time with his daughter. And if we are so lucky, get to celebrate the full month with him there with us. I wonder if we can postpone the full month until hubby is back and we can have a double celebration with Xmas or something....

26 August 2011

Week 27 - Finally END of 2nd Trimester and start of 3rd....

Feeling sooo tired today. Had a calf cramp this morning as I was waking up and guess what was the first thing that I did? Called for my hubby of course. Well, actually, he was still sleeping and I basically said loudly: Honey! Pain! Pain!

And he jumped and asked 'WHERE?'

And I said: Leg! Leg! Cramp!

Phew! But I am glad that he did wake up though because he helped to pull my leg start and push my toes up which makes the pain goes away so much faster. Although my calf still hurt on and off throughout the day. Anyway, what a way to start a new trimester.

And I know I shouldnt be laughing but thinking back to this morning, it is rather funny! I wonder if hubby is thinking I am having tummy pain or something :P