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29 November 2011

Our baby girl! (Part 1)

Wow..was it really just 2 wks ago that we were wondering when to buy airticket for my hubby to come back for the delivery? First and foremost, our baby girl greets the world on  14 Nov 2011 @ 1.04am. And it has been a long journey before (for me anyway) and after.

I was actually admitted on Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) on Saturday, 12 Nov (AM). We were told to go straight to labor ward for admission. Since SGH has renovated since the last time we were there many yrs ago, it took us a longgggg time to get to it and that is also after mom asked one of the doctors where the labor ward is. And the doctors being busy people, forgot that the huge pregnant lady cannot walk at their phase! Only realised when they near the lobby with the lift and how come we not behind them. AND only then they ask are you in labor, can you walk. LOL!!!

Anyway, the labor ward is on the 3rd floor of the main building at around 8.30am. When we finally got there, and the nurse guide me into the main ward alone (note: only the pregnant lady can go in.Family members all  need to wait in the waiting area), was abit upset because the doctor in training keep saying how come they ask u to come for induce today. Geez..the doctor told me to, so I came la on a Saturday. After more than 1 hour, someone finally took details and medical history. Lots of questions that was asked before and is already in my clinic card but I just repeat everything again because not interested in the trainee doctors to make any mistakes! (At this point, am wondering if i made a mistake of not going to private hospital but abit too late for that since mom registered me for admission).

Then at 9.30am, their MO specialist finally arrive to review the cases. After discussion, they decided that
I am in the high risk category and should proceed to induce me right away instead of waiting for Monday. So, off I go into one of the examination room where the doctor in training proceeded to explain what they will do and the risk it may involve.

(This is where the faint hearted and underage need to skip reading now). 

Basically, they will put a medicine commonly used called Prostin to try and encourage the cervix to open and contraction to start. The success rate is approximately 70% and the risk is minimal. However, they will still do monitoring of both the mother and baby heartbeat to make sure that the contraction/medicine is not causing distress. One of the risk includes over contraction that cause bleeding to the uterus or placenta but the risk is actually less than 1%.

So, after explaining the risk, he proceeded to insert the pill deep inside the cervix and he keep apologizing everytime I accidentally let out a whim. (Cant help it la ok....sigh...the things we mother/wife do) Was told not to move and need to lie down for 1 hr to prevent the medicine for falling out. I thought they are gonna leave me on he examination room but the trainee doctor proceeded to take a wheelchair and help me into it and pushed me to the nurses counter.

They pushed me to 4th floor which is called the maternity ward. One section is basically 6 person max. Initially, they were gonna push me to one of the 3 bedded aircon room but since the bed was not ready, they put me on the nearest available bed right in front of the nurses station. At first I not very happy about this because there is no airconditioning but later, I am glad that I am there. (explain later).

So, stay in bed for 1 hour! That is really a hard thing for a super pregnant person to do because the moment someone mention toilet, then the urge is there! haha! Anyway, after 1 hour, the nurse very kindly came and say, ok, do u need the toilet? I think the look of relief I gave her must be very comical because she smiled and let me know where the toilet is and ask me to change into a sea of pink balloon shirt and sarong.

Once I am back in bed, the nurses (with the training nurses) proceeded to strap my to check the baby heartbeat and movement. Another start to check my blood pressure and yet another my temperature. Talk about efficient! Standard question that I hear over the next 2 days, any pain/contraction? Do you feel dizzy/ headache? How are you feeling? Please do tell us immediately if you feel dizzy or headache or blur vision ok. Not too bad experience.

To cut the story short, the medicine was inserted at 9.40am and my contraction only started a 2pm and not very strong ones. After examination by the house doc, not even dilated yet! Basically, he will check every 4 hours but no dilation and at 10pm, he did a cervix sweep to try and stimulate dilation. (Warning, this really hurts!). At 2am, I was finally 2cm dilated (Hooray?!?! Another 8cm to go.....).  But guess what, the pain has gone away! No more contraction...

In my heart, I know the medicine has failed and will need another dose tomorrow once the MO came in the morning for his rounds. In my heart too, I was wondering if this will end with ceaseran...anyway, the 2nd day will be for part 2. Time to feed my lil beautiful daughter...

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